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30 Best DevOps Tools for 2023: Git, Docker, Jenkins and More

Over the last decade, several tools have been developed for various languages to enhance the documentation experience. These tools allow developers to document the pertinent information where it makes sense for those working or interacting with the source code. Some tools mentioned below also allow engineers to document human readable tests into their documentation. When the code compiles, the tests from the documentation are run, and if code has changed and the documentation has not been updated, the builds will fail. This rapid response from a continuous integration environment can help ensure adherence to proper documentation strategies. Businesses realize that traditional long-form types of documentation — such as extensive user manual PDFs — are inappropriate, or even impossible, for an Agile development environment.

devops documentation structure

The following tools are exemplary of libraries that generate readable documentation artifacts directly from comments in source code files. After all these pieces of information are stored in the proper place, we can use tools to generate document artifacts people can read and parse as consumers of information. The artifacts become immutable and reference the documentation-generation process as a means to get the most up-to-date data. Hosting documentation artifacts as web pages is the perfect medium for this type of documentation, because it will always display the current version of a document. Writers — or other staff tasked with documentation preparation — should be included as a normal and essential element of every development team.

Increasing efficiency of DevOps Teams

At its core and perhaps the most remarkable concept that the DevOps approach ever brought is the collaboration between the software development and operations teams. Overall, YAML is an essential tool in the DevOps toolchain, helping teams to create more efficient and reliable software delivery pipelines. By using YAML configuration files, teams can automate the entire software delivery process, from code changes to production deployment, improving the speed and quality of software delivery. In DevOps, YAML is used extensively in pipeline configuration files, which describe the steps that are needed to build, test, and deploy software.

While developers are rewarded for the feature-set, operations receive incentives when the infrastructure is stable. As such, developers are not concerned about stability while operations teams don’t like frequent changes to code. Now, every member of the cross-functional team will take equal responsibility at every stage of the product lifecycle. Continuous monitoring in DevOps provides real-time feedback on the performance of an application in production.

devops documentation structure

Depending on where your organization currently stands, you may want to build on an agile approach for DevOps implementation. To do this, CD automates the release process so that new builds can be released at the click of a button. This easily enables people to understand the differences between your branches, especially when they are previous relesaes that your team are looking to support. While I am a big fan of GitHub, I typically use Azure Devops for my work code repository. Therefore this example is designed around making this work in AzDo. As you can probably tell, I don’t think complex software can be self documenting through the code.

The status page developed by Atlassian is a leading service status update solution used not only as a status communication tool but also as a collaboration and analytics tool. It is packaged with impressive features such as pre-defined incident templates, text or email-based notification, sync with chat, as well as integration with website, helpdesk, and other applications. It also provides historical data for analytics to help the IT team better understand the system and application’s performance. Engineers use Gremlin to run chaos experiments aimed at checking the reliability of cloud infrastructure, ultimately building failure-resilient systems. Raygun is an end-user monitoring solution that provides developers with a view of the end-user experience operating software applications.

DevOps Project Management

Automating and integrating these types of files into a software development lifecycle is problematic at best, often resulting in documents languishing behind the pace of a project, or being deprecated entirely. Extensive documentation can be seen as an anti-pattern ; each team has to find the right balance between depth and simplicity. DevOps also causes development teams to break away from the rigors of traditional documentation practices. Some corporate cultures make the technical writer a passive participant in software development. DevOps makes new demands—as the DevOps cultural transformation goes, so does the technical writer’s role. Depending on how an organization casts the role, bringing the technical writer into the team may present skillset challenges.

  • You can use all the services, or choose only what you need to complement your existing workflows.
  • Traditionally, development teams and operation teams focus on policy management, code inspection, etc., and security teams retroactively monitor and mitigate risks.
  • Different audiences will have different needs and expectations when it comes to software documentation, and it is important to understand those needs and expectations in order to create effective documentation.
  • The good news is that many technical writers are already embedded in development teams, and they may have a leg up by already having collaborative relationships and growing knowledge of the product.
  • By bringing your Testing Team onto the Azure DevOps platform, you can effectively use your ADO project as your single source of truth.

If developers are frequently working with multiple repos, keep them in a single project to ensure the processes remain shared and consistent. It’s easier to manage repo access within a single project, as devops organizational structure access controls and options like case enforcement and max file size get set at the project level. You can manage the access controls and settings individually, even if your repos are in a single project.

Improving productivity with technical documentation tools

Additionally, having a style guide builds consistency in style and tone; plus, writers can make the documentation more engaging and easier to read. If style guides can be life-saving for marketing teams , imagine how beneficial it would be for your DevOps team. Atlassian’s Open DevOps provides everything teams need to develop and operate software. Teams can build the DevOps toolchain they want, thanks to integrations with leading vendors and marketplace apps. Because we believe teams should work the way they want, rather than the way vendors want.

Auto DevOps provides features often included in an application platform or in a Platform as a Service . GitLab CI/CD can automatically build, test, deploy, and monitor your applications by using Auto DevOps. Your documents can be easily integrated with other tools to keep all content in sync. Your software documentation should be written in plain language and avoid industry jargon unless they are necessary. Don’t forget to use headings, subheadings, and other formatting techniques to organize the documentation, and provide examples and images to help illustrate key concepts. Once you have identified your audience, begin to define the scope and goals of the documentation.

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Buy a package of Starbucks cards, or awesome stickers, or ice cream certificates, and give them out every time someone completes a documentation task, immediately. Adding a tally mark for their eventual review is much less motivational than immediate rewards for work. You don’t have to be a manager to do this — anyone can motivate their co-workers.

An organization in Azure DevOps is a mechanism for organizing and connecting groups of related projects. Examples include business divisions, regional divisions, or other enterprise structures. You can choose one organization for your entire company, one organization for yourself, or separate organizations for specific business units.


There might be several individuals involved in the overall documentation effort, each handling a part of the overall documentation package. Documentation generators can help improve the quality of code documentation by automating the process and reducing the risk of errors or omissions. They can also save time and effort for developers, as they can quickly generate documentation without having to write it manually.

TFVC is a centralized version control system that is also available. But, within that repo, folders, and branches are used to organize code for multiple products and services, if wanted. When a pager goes off, documentation can quickly become the most useful tool that an engineer has at their hands, yet we don’t reward documentation work equally.

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I think an external tool like Confluence is perfect for this kind of documentation and collaboration. Automation allow developers and IT professionals to combine their efforts into one seamless process and adopt agile practices like continuous integration, delivery, and deployment. This process enables collaboration throughout the entire development pipeline from concept and builds to deployment and testing.

GitLab CI/CD

TestComplete is easy to use and can be integrated with a number of different development tools. There are a number of different types of DevOps testing tools available, each designed to tackle specific tasks. For example, some DevOps testing tools focus on unit testing, while others are designed for integration or performance testing.

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Even when disabled for an instance, group Owners and project Maintainers can still enable Auto DevOps at the group and project levels. When enabled for a group, you can still disable Auto DevOps for the subgroups and projects where you don’t want to use it. You can use default settings to quickly ship your apps, and iterate and customize later. Certain operations can only be performed according to theuser and job permissions. Related docs can be linked together and organized hierarchically under Pages. Pages can be likened to Google Drive folders for organizing your documentation.

As complexity increases, documentation has become even more important. Documentation is the primary source of knowledge sharing within an organization and is critical to on-call success. There are a number of other DevOps configuration management tools available, but these are some of the most popular options. Subversion is a centralized version control system that is often used in enterprise environments.