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How to make a Cross-Platform Mobile App in Java

Similarly, if the functionality you need is highly customized, cross-platform tools may not be your best option. While you can use any piece of Javascript in React Native, spending too much time adapting the features you need for a multi-platform app defeats the purpose. It is also one of the languages that work for both client-side and server-side web app development.

  • Cross-platform apps are somewhat limited when it comes to security in comparison to native ones.
  • 2020 Developer Survey, React Native places sixth for most popular frameworks and technologies outside of web development.
  • Also, it lets you create fluid, high-performance and intuitive UI, applications, and embedded devices with the same code base for all platforms.
  • JavaScriptCore, the JavaScript engine that powers Safari, executes JavaScript code natively on Android and iOS.
  • Node.js is an open-source and completely free cross-platform app development framework.
  • On iOS, however, the builds are extremely memory-intensive and the compilation process takes a very long time.

Cross-platform software can run on different computer platforms, such as Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, etc. Apps built on this framework don’t need to be coded separately for each platform. Instead, they only need to be coded once, which gives them the foundation they need to run well on all platforms. It is one of the most popular ways to build apps today, and almost all of the best companies that offer mobile app development services swear by it. It allows developers to develop mobile-based applications using the same codebase for Windows, iOS, and Android.

All of that makes this framework a convenient choice for both startups wishing to build a functional MVP regardless of a tight budget and larger companies. It’s easy to call from hand written C#/C++/Objective-C source to Java translated C#/C++/Objective-C source and vice versa. There are no language impedence mismatch issues, no glue layers to write. Is JUniversal stable enough today to ship production apps based on it? In many cases yes, assuming you get it working for your needs, but please reach out before shipping so we can talk through any caveats. In total, the process consumed about over 6GB of RAM on my machine.

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Multiplatform code, on the other hand, is code that can run on multiple platforms. It has a great community for support, learning resources are easily available. The new alpha version of kotlin has 2.2 times boost in performance, it has strong support for generating standard executables for android native targets. Java is also an open-source programming language since it provides a great collection of open-source libraries.

cross platform mobile development java

It will result in more time for development, an increase in cost, and require different monitoring and maintenance. However, cross-platform mobile app development frameworks using just a single code set enable you to reach a larger audience on multiple platforms at reduced cost and in less time. One potential issue is that it may make applications quite large in comparison to other frameworks. This, however, is the risk tied to the nature of a given project and the experience of the hired developer team. And you aren’t the only one to recognize the value of this approach.

If you’re looking to build a cross-platform application for your business, get in touch with us. Therefore, do not forget to tick AR and VR technology box while building your new cross-platform app. You can get access to essential Native APIs with this framework so that your app can use native features like camera, geolocation, accelerometer, contacts, and others. Up to 80 percent of the React Native codebase can be shared across platforms. Flutter’s hot reload features allow developers to modify the app in the backend without any need to save the file. Initiates a fast development process, making it cost-effective and just the right choice to launch a Minimum Viable Product .

It is a suite of open-source, game-development tool that is engaged in building games, apps and other cross-platform GUI based interactive programs. Being a framework, a single codebase covers C++, JavaScript, Swift, and Objective-C. It is a user interface JavaScript library, or web framework specifically built for the Mobile Web that offers various tools like Sencha Architect, Sencha Animator, and a few more. Native development produces apps with high performance, but it can be costly to build. If you have a limited budget to work on, cross-platform development is the ideal choice.

Cross-platform mobile development: definition and solutions

Has a customizable kit of widgets inside the framework that makes it easier to create applications for both operating systems. Some of the Android/IoS dedicated features might also be unavailable. The choice between native vs cross-platform may not be so simple, since both of these technologies are well-developed and practical.

React Native places a strong emphasis on the user experience, resulting in a highly responsive interface. This implies that the React Native environment reduces the amount of time it takes for applications to load and provides a pleasant user experience. The language was designed and developed in the mid-1990s in Japan. Ruby is a mobile-specific programming language with elements like reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose, and interpreted. Over 6 years of work we’ve helped over 150 companies to build successful mobile and web apps.


The most popular cross-platform frameworks include Flutter, React Native, and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. Each of these frameworks has its own capabilities and strengths. Depending on the tool you use, your development process and the outcome may vary. Due to code reusability, cross-platform applications require less code, and when it comes to coding, less code is more. Additionally, with fewer lines of code, there are fewer places for bugs to emerge, resulting in less time spent testing and maintaining your code. We are eager to convince you why nearly all mobile apps should send push notifications.

Slow apps benefit from Node.JS applications since they reduce reaction time. One-time coding cuts the app’s development time in half and keeps the expense of developing a React Native app to a minimum. Aparna is a growth specialist with handsful knowledge in business development.

cross platform mobile development java

Moreover, cross-platform frameworks are the best choice if you are looking for a simple mobile application without complex functions and animations. You create cross-platform mobile applications from a single codebase. The goal of cross-platform app development is to target different operating systems with one project. You create these apps using cross-platform frameworks, which use platform-specific SDKs from a unified API. This enables you to easily access the different platform SDKs and libraries. NativeScript is one of the widely used cross-platform app development frameworks.

Best Cross Platform App Development Frameworks

In 2015, global mobile app revenues amounted to 69.7 billion U.S. dollars. Whereas, in 2020, mobile apps are projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via app stores and in-app advertising. We offer all the necessary expertise to design, build and launch mobile & web apps. Cross-platform apps are easy and quick to build, but it’ll take more effort to deliver an equivalent user experience on the respective platform. Native and cross-platform developments have different pros and cons. Ultimately, the choice of going with either depends on project requirements and the skills of the developers involved.

cross platform mobile development java

For a long time, cross-platform mobile development frameworks were pretty much a mirage. There were a lot of multi-platform mobile development contenders, but nothing that held up past the surface. We believe in constantly testing to find the best mobile tools for our clients. But after only a little bit of comparison testing, we could see all the so-called “best mobile app development platforms” didn’t have enough strengths to make up for their flaws. Ionic is a cross-platform app framework based on AngularJS and is one of the most unique and popular options available in the space.

The Ultimate Guide to Cross Platform App Development Frameworks in 2023

That said, fierce supporters of cross-platform development contend that there are many ways to address the security issues that come with the territory. As non-native components seek to integrate with native components in cross-platform development, inconsistencies will arise. Unfortunately, the overall consensus is that hybrid and cross-platform development are lacking in this area. While defining the framework, it is essential to evaluate traits that need to add to the future scope of application. For instance, the framework should be flexible and compatible with new features that could be a part of the app’s future. Making a list of preferred native-like features will assist the business in adding value to the end solution.

One native app for each operating system

Thus, if you want to build a native app that works well on both platforms, you would have to create two different apps. Such a solution usually requires separate teams of developers for both technologies. This, in turn, extends the duration of the development process and increases its cost, which is a significant drawback of the cross platform mobile development java native solution. Cross-platform app development frameworks are the tools that developers use to make apps that run on more than one platform. Unlike native frameworks, cross-platform frameworks allow developers to write code only once and run an app on all platforms, like Android, iOS, and Windows, with only a few minor changes.

This requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of the roots of all the platforms to select the one. So, here delve deeper into each to help you make the right decision for your mobile app development project. Gourav Khanna is co-founder and CEO of APPWRK IT SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED, a web & mobile app development company. He is a technophile who is always eager to learn and share his views on new technologies and future advancements.

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With our experts and technology specialists, we evaluate the product needs from all technology aspects making sure we assess risks well in advance to be able to deliver expected outcomes. Leadership – JumpGrowth has an excellent leadership team with cumulative experience running over multiple decades. Our leaders are well versed in the latest and best practices required to make your apps unique and successful. It consists of 1000 APIs and plugins that help to transform your ideas into fascinating apps. Using JavaScript, TypeScript, or Angular, this framework provides direct access to all native platform APIs.